Skincare Tips
Follow These 5 Tips To Protect Your Skin During The Winter
April 29, 2014

Many patients ask me for advice on protecting their skin when they travel to cold countries during winter. Winter is the season where low humidity, cold temperatures, and dry air from the furnace make the skin incredibly dry, itchy, and flaky. Extra care needs to be taken to keep skin supple under these harsh conditions. Read More...

My Five Pillars of Good Skincare
April 26, 2014

Every individual’s skin is unique due to genetics, lifestyle, and medical history. During a consultation, I will be able to gauge the specific nature of your skin, and recommend the products that would work best to rejuvenate your skin. However, there are some universal truths about proper skin care that every patient should be aware Read More...

5 Biggest Myths About Skin Care
February 19, 201

The skin care market is overly saturated with myriad products that make very large claims due to compelling advertising, hence it may be difficult for the consumer to separate fact from fallacy. Here are 5 key myths about skin care that I would like to share. 1. Acne can be cured There is no miracle Read More...

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