Cosmetic skin treatments – THERACLEAR

Theraclear Acne Therapy is the Only FDA approved technology that combines advance vacuum (suction) and filtered broadband light to treat multiple causes of acne in one SINGLE treatment. It provides instant results in reducing acne bacteria, hyperactive sebaceous glands and blocked pores. The vacuum is used to clear the pores of sebaceous material that may be clogging it thus cleansing the pores of the cause of many acne conditions. The suction action pulls the skin physically closer to the source of the broadband light which activates porphyrins to destroy p.acne bacteria and reduce sebum production.

Theraclear treatment is suitable for patients who want a faster and immediate response, antibiotic-resistant patients or patients who have antibiotic concerns, patients who do not respond to other treatments, and women with hormonally induced acne who choose to avoid the systemic treatments.

The ONLY technology that treats multiple CAUSES of acne in one SINGLE treatment. (p. acne bacteria and hyperactive sebaceous glands and blocked pores)

Immediate Result Experience
 Reduction in redness surrounding lesion
 Drying and flattening out lesions
 Reduction of skin oiliness
 Often visible reduction in pore size

FDA Approved to Treat More Kinds of Acne than Other Treatments
 Mild to inflammatory acne (acne vulgaris)
 Pustular acne
 Comedonal acne

 No pain; No downtime
 Fast 10 minute treatment
 Noticeable visible improvement after 1st treatment
 Effective on mild to moderate inflammatory acne, comedonal and pustular acne.
 Requires no pre-treatment gels or anesthetics
 Personal treatment insert maintains hygiene & reduces risk of cross contamination.
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