Cosmetic skin treatments – Thermage for Face/Body/Eye/Hand

The Thermage’s ThermaCool System is the only FDA approved non-invasive treatment proven to tighten loose or saggy skin, producing a “lift” without an incision. The Thermage process utilizes monopolar radiofrequency energy to activate deeper skin tissue and jumpstart collagen production. This procedure is referred to as a mini-facelift because it is similar to a facelift without surgery. It can be performed on the upper face (for droopy brows), the lower face (for deep nasolabial grooves, jawline, and jowls), as well as for tightening lax skin on the neck. Generally, one treatment is needed, but you can see continual improvement over 6 months. The results usually lasts about 3 years.*

We use Comfort Pulse Technology (CPT) with the most advanced Total Tip for greater comfort and better results.

Thermage is also now available for other skin treatments.

– Eye by Thermage lifts droopy upper eyelids and decreases hooding.

– Body by Thermage utilizes a Giant Tip to treat a bigger surface area, be it flabby and loose skin around the abdomen (ideal for postpartum women) or flabby upper arms or sagging buttocks.

– Hand by Thermage helps plump up the fine wrinkly skin on the back of your hand.

Like many aesthetic procedures, Thermage requires highly specialized operator skills. It is critical to direct the correct amount of energy at the right speed to create the most effective pattern for the targeted area. We have had more than 10 years experience with Thermage and many satisfied patients.

*Results may vary, depending on individual.

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